About Us

Bailey Solutions’ Vision Statement

Bailey Solutions creates innovative and excellent library software products that library and information professionals enjoy using. We achieve this by listening to our customers and engaging with them. We regard the products as their products with Bailey Solutions as the technical enablers because ultimately our customers use our software to achieve their goals.

Bailey Solutions’ Mission Statement

Bailey Solutions’ mission is to help library and information professionals excel in their jobs by providing the software tools to help them work smarter and more effectively.

Bailey Solutions’ Values

  • We offer transparent pricing.
  • We listen to our clients and understand their mindset by holding regular user group meetings and product consultations.
  • We actively seek new features and improvements.
  • We don’t charge individual clients for development – we incorporate new features as options in our standard build for the benefit of all our clients.
  • We are truthful with our clients at all times.
  • We consistently deliver high levels of customer service.

Bailey Solutions’ Culture

A pleasant and democratic organisation that consults and empowers its people so they can work to high professional standards.

Bailey Solutions’ People

  • Are recruited to fit in with our culture.
  • Are consulted about the strategy and direction of the company.
  • Are empowered to deliver high quality services and products.
  • Are enabled to work to high professional standards.
  • Are problem solvers
  • Like learning and growing.
  • Take pride in their work.
  • Work in a friendly and pleasant environment without fear of negative repercussions.
  • Work in light and airy open plan offices in central Hove that encourage collaboration and consultation.
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