How do I switch library systems?

Switching systems is easy, if you follow this tried and tested process

Are you worried about moving to a new library system? That you’ll have to spend hours, re-keying data into your new system? Or that your data will get muddled up?

Well, you needn’t worry. We have helped hundreds of clients switch to one of our systems. Bailey Solutions will do most of the hard work for you and make it as smooth as possible. This short video explains the process.

Step 1

We will ask you for your data. Either your IT people can send it to us, or, if you grant us access, we can extract it from your current system. During this first phase, you can carry on, in your old system, working, as usual.

Step 2

We list all the data fields in your old system and map each one to the correct field in your new library system

Step 3

Our programmer writes a data conversion program to import your data into your new system.

Step 4

At this point we offer a free online session to show you how to check your data. Now you can check the data in your system and request any changes to how the data has been is imported.

Step 5

Once you are happy with everything, we ask you for data from your live system. This second time, the data import is much faster, as everything is ready for you. We know it’s important that you have as little downtime as possible.

Step 6

We’ll tell you when your live data is ready. All you need to do is switch any links, shortcuts or favourites from your old system to your new system.


It’s as simple as that! The whole process takes about 2-4 weeks and is overseen by a library consultant. We are here to help you get off to a great start with your new library system. And remember we work to your availability.

Ask our product consultant today about our data conversion services.

If you’re thinking about changing library system, please check out our library software products.

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