Enquire: enquiry management software

Why use enquiry management software from Bailey Solutions?

Bailey Solutions offers enquiry management software to help organisations of all sizes manage their inbound enquiries, follow-up and never miss a deadline. We are different from sales & marketing CRM systems which are designed to handle outbound sales calls.

Enquire is suitable for libraries, press offices, customer services, public enquiry points, freedom of information teams – in fact anywhere where you handle enquiries on a regular basis.

Enquire is the product of choice for universities and colleges, legal and professional firms, government departments, charities, institutes and associations around the world.


Management Information

Our enquiry management system gathers statistics about enquiries as they are processed in the system, which means senior managers gab glean valuable insights about your enquiry service:

  • When enquiries are submitted
  • How enquiries are submitted
  • Average processing times
  • How the team meets deadlines
  • Time spend on enquiries

This means you can

  • Justify your staffing levels
  • Demonstrate value
  • Learn where train or improvements are needed

Enrich the user experience

Users get frustrated when they don’t get quick answers when they need them or a consistent approach.

To find out how you can improve the user experience, visit Enquire website now!

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